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Welcome to Lifestar Disability Service Providers

We provide quality services and support to the people with disability to develop the skills and capabilities they need to gain independence and participate in society with respect.

The idea and aspiration of Lifestar Disability Service Providers comes from years of observing a lack of diverse support provided to people living with disabilities. We have established and formulated competitive services to accommodate every needs of a person living with disabilities and their families. Our distinctive services are designed to meet the needs of every Australian as our clients have the best access to highly qualified support workers and professionals from diverse backgrounds. Our approach is to facilitate every individual by respecting their interest, belief, valuesand faith in life. We will provide better advocacy, guidance, and assistance to disadvantaged people and families through plan development and support coordination.

What we do

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Group center Activities

Social and group-based activities enable our staff and participant to come together and spent quality time in a relaxed environment


Plan Management

Participants are encouraged to develop their skills for self-management in line with our guidance


Household Tasks

Maintaining a hygienic home environment can be fairly exhausting for some participant since it requires considerable effort


Development Life Skills

we understand the importance of developing and enhancing your life skills for individual growth


Innovative Community Participant

Our services include workshop or networking to find a desirable job, courses to develop skills or interest, attend seminars or conference



Everyone deserves to feel safe, secure and happy, which is why we are here to help you find a space that feels like home


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